How It Works

Anonymously protected community submitted reviews about general contractors.

Unlike other websites or trade organizations, the Subcontractor’s Gateway’s main goal is to provide access to information regarding job safety records, payment history and habits, contract terms, contract negotiating tips as they relate to Commercial contractors, engineering firms, architects, developers and construction management firms. Our system accomplishes this by also not compromising your current work relationships. Your identity will not be revealed to the public and your reviews are only accessible by members only.

The Subcontractor’s Gateway is the only place for subcontractors to confidentially gain information about a contractor before or after you bid or start a project. This site was developed for subcontractors to have open and honest communication about General Contractors, material suppliers, equipment suppliers, housing, and more. Here, open discussions between subcontractors are encouraged to address all business issues that affect all trades without the risk of your current work relationships finding out.

This site is for sharing information, a valuable tool that will save you not only money, but also time and major headaches! Here, subcontractors discuss concerns regarding General Contractors and commercial construction companies as well as access to industry vendors and rental companies. Our members check the Subcontractors Gateway before they sign any contract.